How Much Does It Normally Cost To Sell A House?

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How Much Does It Normally Cost To Sell A House?

It’s really depends on how much you are actually willing to spend to sell your home, because if you just want to sell it the way it is, you will have to go to an estate agent, or a fast house sale company. But if you want to sell it quicker and use an estate agent it can be quite expensive because you will have all the estate agents fees and if you want to get an accurate valuation you will also have to fork out for and RICS authorized surveyor, because if you use an estate agents they will either say you house is worth less or worth more just to get a deal on board. So if you want get a sell house quickly, you will have to make a few changes to your home, even though you may love it, a potential buyer may not.

You will want to paint your house a neutral colour, something like white or beige because if you do that, for one it will de-attach your from you home so you do not get sentimental while trying to sell it, and second it will help the potential buyer visualise the home as their own but if the room is painted white it will give the illusion that it is bigger.  To be honest I’m not quite sure on how much paint actually is but i think there are tins of paint for £10 and possibly cheap in some places.

Also if you have a room that you fell is a bit too small, introduce a few mirrors to that room because it helps make a room look magically bigger. This can range anywhere from £10 to over £100 for the finest mirrors.

So it can get quite expensive if you want to sell your house fast for the full price.

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